Where We Focus

Cyber team collaborating

The NCCoE, which the NCF supports and advises, focuses on specific national infrastructure sectors as well as projects that cut across all sectors, including:

Sharing Our Expertise

In addition to supporting the NCCoE, the NCF shares our expertise with others, including FFRDCs operated by MITRE and government agencies. Below is a sample of key projects currently underway:

Department of Homeland Security

  • Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM)—The CDM Program provides federal agencies with capabilities and tools to help them identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities. The NCF is aiding the CDM Program with transforming how federal civilian agencies secure and manage their networks.
  • The NCF’s work with the Coast Guard involves mitigating cybersecurity risks across the maritime transportation system.

Department of Transportation

  • The project aims to strengthen cybersecurity and address privacy risks for connected vehicle implementations nationwide.  

Department of Defense

  • StormSystemThis project is helping industry and government protect controlled unclassified information residing on their networks. The NCF is currently serving as the transition manager to make StormSystem operational at the Department of Defense’s Cyber Crime Center.  

Strategic Investments in Cybersecurity

MITRE invests its resources to advance projects that address today's—and tomorrow's—cybersecurity challenges, such as:

  • Commercial Space—As a founding member, MITRE has joined the . We are working to develop architectures and recommendations to secure systems that depend on the burgeoning commercial space systems environment, as well as the workloads that develop on those systems.
  • Securing the Global Internet Technology (IT) Ecosystem—In the near future, security systems and business and critical infrastructure of the nation will exist in a global IT ecosystem comprising 5G networks, artificial intelligence analytics, and billions of Internet of Things devices (resulting from IPv6). MITRE created the Securing the Next Generation of the Global IT Ecosystem initiative to develop technology and management models aimed at achieving cyber space dominance. We are engage with key stakeholders, including industry and technology suppliers, to develop cybersecurity solutions for this new ecosystem, which is still in the early phases.
  • Safeguarding the Integrity of U.S. Elections—The NCF is working to strengthen our nation's electoral infrastructure and has released a set of security recommendations to secure Voter Registration Systems. MITRE has created a reference architecture and actionable guidance that states can deploy in future elections.

News and Additional Resources

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